"To whom It May Concern:

I have contracted Cannon Lawn Care Service for the last four (4) plus years.  During that time I had many opportunities to change companies. I have found no reason to do so.

Mr. Cannon is fair, reasonable, and professional. He takes care of my lawn today, just as good as he did the first time he did it.  He's a proven professional in this community with many years of service."

Mr. Peavey
Dothan, AL 36305
Client since 2005

"Cannon Lawn has taken care of my front and back yards for the last nine years.  Their work is always reliable, professional, careful, and visually attractive.  Over the years, Mr. Cannon has been willing to work with me whether my lawn care needs were weekly or on an as-needed basis,  his costs are extremely reasonable, and he takes pride in the appearance of my lawn as though it were his own."

Mrs. Alford
Dothan, AL 36305
Client since 2001

"Mr. Cannon is very efficient in the yard work he does for me. He's changed my ordinary yard into a much better landscape.  He knows exactly what length grass should be cut;  he doesn't leave bare spots.  He knows how to edge the yard properly and does a beautiful job.  He's fair on his prices, and he constantly ask if everything is ok and if you need help in other areas.  I highly recomend him to anyone!  He's done my yard for years!!"

Mr. Kelly
Dothan, AL 36305
Client since 1993

"Mr. Cannon has done my Mother's yard in Daleville for over 14 years.  She thought the world of him from the very beginning, appreciating his kindness and willingness to do just as she requested in her yard.  He was always careful around her flowers and shrubs, keeping borders neat and the grass looking beautiful.  She had several opportunities to switch to another lawn service but wouldn't hear of it.  She knew who she could depend upon,  Even after her passing we use Mr. Cannon to maintain my Mother's yard just as she would have liked it.  He continues, as he did from the first, to provide an excellent service, fair price and to do more than expected."

Patricia Wootton Peters &
Mrs. Wooton
Daleville Al.
Client since 1999

 "Letter of Recommendation for Wellington Cannon dba Cannon Lawn Care

Mr. cannon has performed lawn care for me at xxx Melrose Land, Dothan for approx 7 years.  He has done an excellent job with great care and is very promo and concise.  He monitors the condition of our grounds and is quick to make recommendations on needed repairs and treatments.  I would highly recommend him for any job or contract large or small.  My background is a retired USAF Msg and recently retired Air Transportation System Spec. for Federal Aviation Admin.  Bothe in the militate and FAA I was tasked as a contract monitor and purchasing agent.  I would most certainly have retained Mr. Cannon for any work that was needed.  

Mr. Campbell"
Dothan, Al 36301
Client since 2007

"Mr. Cannon is my lawn care provider.  He does and amazing job and I am always getting compliments on how beautiful my lawn is.  Because of he's great service to me, others in by neighborhood have started letting Mr. Cannon do thetis lawns.  He is honest, hard working, very fair in pricing and just an all around wonderful young man."

Mrs. Hagler 
Dothan, AL 36301
Client since 2007-2013  RIP!  She will be missed...

"September 12, 2016

RE: Cannon Lawn Care,LLC

To whom it mauy concern:

​We have been a client of Cannon Lawn Care, LLC since February of 2015. Not once have I regretted picking up the hone and giving Wellington a call.  Wellington and his employees go above and beyond.  Our yards have never looked so good.  He has been so easy to work with and if I need roses trimmed or mulch put down all I have to do is ask and he works it into his busy schedule.  They are very professional, nice and friendly.

I highly recommend Cannon Lawn Care, LLC to everyone.  They are the best lawn care business around!!!

One very satisfied client!

Shannon Helms

Forterra Pipe & Precast"

Client since 2015

December 5, 2016

To Perspective Customers:

     Wellington Cannon has been beautifying my lawn for many years, and I ams well pleased with his work.  He not only keeps grass cut and edged but also has cut down trees and filled in sod in bare places.  He's is willing to discuss any lawn problems his customers may have and offer helpful advice or solutions.

     I highly recommend Mr. Wellington Cannon for total lawn service.

Mary Davis"

Dothan Al 36305

Client since 2012

"To Whom It May Concern:

     Cannon Lawn Care has been tending to my yard work for about 10 years.  I'm very happy with the services they've provided over the years, from grass cutting and weed pulling to shaping my bushes and trimming my Crape Myrtle tree.  Also they are very reasonable with their prices, which helps because I'm on a budge in my senior years.  


Lydia Ross"

Dothan Al 36301

Client since 2007


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