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​About Us

Wellington Cannon was born in Ft Polk, LA, raised in Dothan, AL and currently resides with his wife and three children in the Wicksburg area.
Cannon Lawn Care, LLC Wellington Cannon has studied and passed all Alabama state exams for Herbicide and Pesticide management, and setting of landscape plants.
With workman comp. insurance and $1,000,000 liability insurance Cannon Lawn Care, LLC is completely ready for outdoor needs.
Cannon Lawn Care, LLC is licensed with the Alabama Department of Agriculture. Cannon Lawn Care, LLC is insured.

In approximatly 1978 my dad, Homer Cannon started Cannon Lawn Care.  Over the years he updated his outfit.  First with a riding mower, and then with line trimmers and edgers.  In 1982 my 10th birthday I saw him going by with something green in the back of the truck.  I thought "birthday present".  It was a present, a line trimmer.  Since that day I have learned how to do most things related to lawn care.  Later that decade I got my drivers licence and started taking over the business.  In the mid nineties Homer retired and set me free to chase the business the way I saw fit.  In doing so I went with exmark mowers to save time and labor, which worked great.  After getting married in September 1996 we moved to Mobile Alabama for Leigh my new wife to go to school at USA, and after 2.5 years she graduated as a Physical Therapist, and we found out we were pregnant with the first of three.  Once knowing we were starting a family we moved back to Dothan, Alabama to pursue life and work.  Getting back into the grass service is a slow process so after years of service it starts taking off in Dothan again.  Now being licensed for every type of Lawn or Landscape service in Alabama we are now starting a web site so Enjoy.  If you need service and experience please call Cannon Lawn Care, LLC for a free quote.  Cannon Lawn Care, LLC can take care of you're needs.

At Cannon Lawn Care, LLC, there's no landscaping challenge or lawn care need we can't meet, thanks to our decades of experience creating amazing landscaped spaces for families, businesses, everyone!